Sunday, April 6, 2014

Megan's Cookbook Post 21

I'm really happy to say that I was able to make four recipes over the past two weeks like I said I would. After talking about my project in front of the class on Friday I began to freak out. My idea for my presentation was to talk about how food is important in families because it creates time with them that you might not have. I definetly need to think about my talk more in depth but I am a little bit relieved that I have an idea. Even though I'll be working on my talk over the next couple of weeks I'm definetly going to try and keep making recipes because I feel like I need just a few more. I'm nervous about my talk but I'm confident that it will be good. This week I made brocolli quiche, pork tacos with mango kiwi salsa, monkey bread, and chicken fried rice. These are some pictures!


  1. Megan these look so delicious! As for your talk, have you considered talking about food relative to culture? That is a very broad topic and you'd be able to cover a lot :)

  2. Sorry this is so late! But that is a very good idea and I'll consider working at into my speech